We aim to provide people with transparent and easy access to Health Clinics.


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It's very easy to search clinics based on location, speciality and availability Islandwide based on your need.


Book Appointments

Tired of waiting in long queues at the clinic? Book your appointment electronically through our app.



Do a teleconsultation from your phone with practitioner of your choice through our app. Hassle-free patient experience.


Digital Queues

No more long queues at the clinic! Get a digital queue number and monitor the live Queue Status. Visit the Clinic When its your turn.



The Clinic Place will allow you to pay for your clinic visits through our app with familiar payment modes like PayNow.



You can write reviews for the Clinics and build community trust. Sharing your best experience will help others too.


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Our goal is to provide the best patient experience using technology. Enjoy hassle-free, easy, and transparent access to Health Clinics!


Digital Appointments & Queues

  • This pandemic has put so much pressure on the health care system. With social distancing norms and high pandemic, we are seeing such long queues and endless waiting times at Clinics.
  • With our Digital appointments, you can book an appointment with the clinic on the date and time which is available and convenient for you.
  • With our Digital Queues, you can get a digital queue number from a nearby clinic and watch the live queue status through your phone. Skip waiting in long queues at the clinic and be at the clinic when you need to be.


Connect with your practitioner through our platform.

  • A hassle-free digital consultation at the convenience of your phone with a Practitioner of your choice.
  • You can book a teleconsultation from one of the participating Clinics. You will be sent a confirmation message.
  • At the appointment, you can join the teleconsultation meeting through our platform.

Digital Experience

  • Pay for your clinic visits through the familiar payment methods like PayNow through our secure payment feature.
  • Transact with Health Clinics through our platform digitally and enjoy the best patient experience using technology.
  • Ratings and reviews on our platform are meant to help you find the right clinic and build community trust.
  • Chat with us through live chat on our platform on issues & feedback, we are just a message away.
  • Read our health articles written by health care experts to bring awareness to leading a healthy and happy life.